EdTech Staff

Jami Boone
EdTech Director
Company: SC Association for Educational Technology
Worked with EdTech Since: 2000
About: Jami has been involved in every EdTech since 2000. She began working as the assistant to the director in 2000 and became the business manager of SCAET in 2006. In 2013, Jami took over the role of the EdTech director.

Pieter Cargill
EdTech Web Services Manager
Company: SC Department of Education
Worked with EdTech Since: 2004
About: Pieter has been providing web services to the SC EdTech conference since 2004.

Ken Deberry
Title: SCAET Technology Manager
Title: Director of Education Production
Company: SCETV Education
Worked with EdTech Since: 2013
About: Ken has worked in television production for the past 35 years, the last 30 of which have been in educational television and technology. He previously worked at the University of South Carolina producing promotional material for the University and content for faculty, and helped faculty learn to use technology and migrate to teaching via distance learning. He then worked with the SC Department of Education in the Instructional Television office for eight years. For the past thirteen years he has been is his current role as Director of Educational Production at SCETV, producing and managing the production of television and online content both for ETV and for SCDE. Prior to undertaking his ex-officio role as the Technology Manager, he was a SCAET Board Member for several years.

Anne Lemieux
SCAET Volunteer Manager
Company: Lugoff-Elgin High School
Worked with EdTech Since: 2010
About: Anne has been a librarian since 2006. She was nationally board certified in 2011 and recertified in 2020. She loves to travel, read and knit. Anne is the mother of two grown children and has two precious grandchildren. She is active in the South Carolina Association of School Librarians and was the recipient of the 2013  SCASL/SCLA Intellectual Freedom Award, "In Recognition of Her Defense of Intellectual Freedom." Anne has served as the President of SCASL, Information Technology Chair, Advocacy Chair, and Legislative Chair. She began working with the EdTech Conference in 2007 as the SCASL representative on the SCAET Board before becoming the EdTech Volunteer Manager in 2010.