eSports Tournament

New this year

SC EdTech 2023 is excited to host a Rocket League eSports Tournament during the conference!

What: In Rocket League, players must hit the ball with their cars into the opponent’s net and at the same time, prevent the opponent from hitting the ball into theirs. For more information on Rocket League, click here.

Who: Eight (8) teams of three (3) players (grades 9-12 only) each will be accepted into the tournament. Any additional registered teams will be placed on a waitlist. Register here - eSports at Edtech Registration.

When: October 26, 2023 at 9:00am

Where: Ballroom E at SC EdTech 2023, Myrtle Beach Convention Center

Tournament Prizes: $50 gift card for each first place winner, $25 gift card for each second place winner

Thanks to our eSports Tournament Sponsors
  • Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc.
  • Bluum
  • Dell
  • Generation Esports
  • Pinnacle Network Solutions
  • ViewSonic

Rocket League eSports Tournament Rules & Regulations
  • Each player/guardian must fill out the Student eSports Consent Form and return it to the Team Coordinator/Coach. The Coach will be responsible for turning those forms into by October 13 in order to be eligible to play. If the forms are not returned, the team will forfeit their place in the tournament and the next team on the waiting list will be notified. 
  • Students must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times.
  • No profanity is allowed. Players should observe the general principles of personal integrity, honesty, good sportsmanship, and sound health and safety.
  • Student agrees to follow all Rocket League regulations during game time.
  • All Teams must have three (3) Players physically present during competition and in the online Match lobby by the designated Match start time.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled game time in case a game ends early. Start time for 1st Pool games and 1st Bracket games will start at designated times on the schedule.
  • PC controllers will not be provided. Please have the student bring their controller if he/she prefers playing with a controller

SC Edtech Rocket League Esports Tournament Format
8 Teams Format

Round 1: Pool Play - Best of 1 game

Round 2: Seeding Qualifiers - Best of 1 game

Round 3: Single Elimination Knockouts

                Semi-Finals - Best of 5

                Finals - Best of 5


Round 1: Best of One

Pool 1

Pool 2

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8


Pool Play Schedule


Match: Station 1

Match: Station 2


1 vs 2

3 vs 4


1 vs 3

2 vs 4


1 vs 4

2 vs 3


5 vs 6

7 vs 8


5 vs 7

6 vs 8


6 vs 7

5 vs 8


Round 2: Best of One

Based on Round 1 Pool Play results, teams will be seeded from 1st to 4th in each pool. The first seed from each pool receives an automatic bid in the Round 3 Knockout Stage: Semi-Finals.

The remaining teams will compete in a mini-tourney to qualify for Round 3.

The 3rd seed from each pool will compete against the 4th seed of the opposite pool. The winner will play the 2nd seed from the pool of the competing 4th seed. The winner of the second match enters Round 3. The winner will compete against the 1st seed of the opposite pool if possible. If only one pool remains then the higher seed plays the 1st seed of the opposite pool. 


Seeding Qualifier Schedule


Match: Station 1

Match: Station 2


Pool 2 3rd Place vs 

Pool 2 4th place

Pool 1 3rd Place vs 

Pool 1 4th place


Pool 1 2nd Place vs Winner of Station 1 match

Pool 2 2nd Place vs Winner of Station 2 match


Round 3: Best of Five

The 1st seed of one pool will compete against the highest seed from the opposite pool. If all teams from the Qualifier are from the same pool, then the highest seed will play the 1st seed from the opposite pool.


Single Elimination Knockouts Schedule


Match: Station 1

Match: Station 2


Pool 1 1st Seed vs a winner of the Qualifier

Pool 2 1st Seed vs a winner of the Qualifier


Championship Match

3rd Place Match