EdTech 2019 is sending you on a wild GooseChase!

GooseChase is a great way to engage with EdTech 2019 exhibitors and explore our host city, Greenville! Complete GooseChase missions to earn points. Earn enough points and you could win some amazing prizes like gift cards and cool tech.


How to play GooseChase

After you’ve registered for EdTech 2019, download the GooseChase app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Next, you’ll need to create your GooseChase account.

Your username must follow the first name last name convention. If we can’t tell who you are, then you can’t win any prizes.

Next, join our wild GooseChase by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your device.  Search for the EdTech 2019 in one of two ways. Search by game name “SCEDTECH2019.” Or, you can search by game code, “N6W388.”

We highly recommend that you allow GooseChase to send you notifications. We will oftentimes send out special information and we don’t want you to miss it!

The EdTech 2019 GooseChase game will officially begin Monday, Nov. 4 at noon.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded GooseChase, created your account, and joined the “SCEDTECH2019” game, you’re ready to complete all sorts of fun missions!


Completing Missions

There are three types of GooseChase missions.


Text Missions: Answer a trivia question, solve a riddle, or respond to a poll. Spelling kinda counts!

Photo/Video Missions: Upload photographic proof that you completed a mission. Or upload a 12 second video.

GPS Missions: Be there or be square. Check-in at one of the dozens of cool spots around Greenville.



Aside from enlightenment, self-respect, and a sense of completion, EdTech 2019 is providing some amazing prizes for GooseChase players.

First Place/Leaderboard Ranking #1: $500 gift card

Second Place/Leaderboard Ranking #2: $400 gift card

Third Place/Leaderboard Ranking #3: $300 gift card

Fourth Place/Leaderboard Ranking #4: $200 gift card

Fifth Place/Leaderboard Ranking #5: $100 gift card

 Random Selections:
Leaderboard Rankings #6 - #12: $100 (4 winners)

Leaderboard Rankings #6 - #25: $75 (3 winners)

Leaderboard Rankings #6 - #50: $50 (2 winners)

Leaderboard Rankings #6 - #100: $25 (2 winners)

Prizes will be announced at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7 in the Exhibit Hall. Winners must be present to claim their prize.


Rules, Rules, Rules

GooseChase can get crazy. We want everyone to be safe and have a great time at EdTech 2019.

GooseChase missions will never put you or someone else in danger. If you are uncomfortable with a particular mission, please don’t attempt to complete it. If you have a question about a GooseChase mission, please see a volunteer at the registration desk.

GooseChase missions will never result in verbal or physical harassment of you or another player. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Players harassing other players will be removed from the game and subject to dismissal from EdTech 2019. GooseChase mission submissions are moderated, but if you feel you are a victim of harassment, please see a volunteer at registration desk.

GooseChase missions will never require submission of profanity or images of pornography, drugs, violence or hate speech.

GooseChase missions are not to be used to promote business, political parties, or other objects not directly related to EdTech 2019.